The Indefatigable Logic of Bing & Bob

by Bing Selfish and Bob Hopeless


Ditties for the Dapper, finesse for the Flapper. Bing & Bob take you back to the 20s in style. But which 20s? Bing Selfish and Bob Hopeless are joined by an array of luminaries, including Bob Drake, Simon King, Chris Cornetto, Matt Armstrong and Dean Brodrick.

The classy Bing & Bob straddle a rift in time (quick) time between now, whenever that is, and the roaring 20s. This is a perfect album for which to don your smoking jacket, light up a cocktail and engage your cigarillo holder as you take a dérive down Las Ramblas, as you tuck into a pie and a pint on the shores of Lake Constance, as you start a bin fire in Monaco or perhaps just simply seek gainful employment as a croupier in Lisbon, Chicago or Casablanca.

Featuring the already classic “Loser”, “Drinking Ourselves out of Trouble” and “Evil Combination”, this 14-track collection will have you Lindy-Hopping in the lounge, Charleston-ing at the charity ball and foxtrotting at the food bank. Gift one to your favourite Contessa.


released August 1, 2015

Bing Selfish – Voice, Ukulele
Bob Hopeless - Voice, Guitar, Organ
Matt Armstrong - Bass
Simon King - Guitar, Drums
Bob Drake - Guitar, Drums, Voice, Banjo
Ashleigh Marsh - Sax
Chris Cornetto - Trumpet
Katja Heber - Clarinet
Dean Brodrick - Piano, Glockenspiel
Natalie Mason – Viola, Voice
Sylvia Hallett - Violin
Kathy Hulme - Voice
Dawn McCarthy - Voice
Nora Geraghty – Banjo

Recorded and Produced by:
His Grace The Earl of Killorglin
Bob Drake
Bing Selfish

Montage - Knutsford Hanoi
Artwork - Bing Selfish
with acknowledgement to anonymous Japanese 1920s graphic artist