El Frenzy Issue 6

from Bing Selfish

Throughout the 80's as the majority of the population and media lay cowered and impotent, the satirical/political comic "El Frenzy" led a lonely crusade against the tyranny of Thatcherism and consumerism. The magazine hurled a constant tirade of imagination, wit and cruel satire at the walls of the establishment. The editor, a shadowy figure known as "Xanfise Koke" has been linked with Selfish himself, there being a significant gap in his musical output during the period in which El Frenzy was published. Selfish claims he was living as a Tibetan monk in an isolated Himalayan monastery learning advanced inspiration/respiration techniques. (Recent evidence has casts doubts on his assertions).

Issue 6 has a whole heap of colour, but also the monochrome beauty of Sycamore Darkness, Joe Staalin and The English Civil War. A classic.

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