El Frenzy Issue 3

from Bing Selfish

Throughout the 80's as the majority of the population and media lay cowered and impotent, the satirical/political comic "El Frenzy" led a lonely crusade against the tyranny of Thatcherism and consumerism. The magazine hurled a constant tirade of imagination, wit and cruel satire at the walls of the establishment. The editor, a shadowy figure known as "Xanfise Koke" has been linked with Selfish himself, there being a significant gap in his musical output during the period in which El Frenzy was published. Selfish claims he was living as a Tibetan monk in an isolated Himalayan monastery learning advanced inspiration/respiration techniques. (Recent evidence has casts doubts on his assertions).

Issue 3 flings at you the compulsive Sycamore Darkness, the psychedelic adventures of Joe Staalin, The English Civil War and works by Lepke B., Pedro Panadero, Xanfise Koke and all your favourite 80's slum chums.

Some issues still contain the mini-comic strip The Toxic Three. Let us know if you would prefer one of those and we'll dig in there. All the free balloons have been lost, I'm afraid.

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